Marine Debris Sweeper

Marine Debris Sweeper (MDS) is a specially made trawl for collecting plastic and marine waste in rivers, ports, coastal waters and the ocean.

MDS is mainly developed for cleaning up, and thereby preventing floating waste in rivers from reaching the sea, and to be used for collecting floating marine waste that is already in the sea. The waste is collected in a special designed 14 m3 exchangeable trawl bag. The trawl bag is easy to connect and disconnect from the trawl system and replace with an empty bag. It is easy to lift the full bag onshore or onboard, and to empty it for further professional handling of the waste.

The MDS solution is very sustainable and provides the users with low running and low life cycle costs.

April 2020: Successful test of MDS; 98.3% of all marine plastic waste discharged was collected. Test report and results are verified by third party scientists.

Marine Debris Sweeper 250

3 boats that make a marine sweeper system that collects plastic waste from the sea.

A marine sweeping system that collects plastic waste. Well suited for ports and rivers.

Marine Debris Sweeper 450

6 people walking on a pier over to a floating conveyor belt.

Our latest tech and largest sweeper. The sweeper has inflatable guiding arms of 25 meters. The system is well suited for large ports, in coastal areas and rivers.

Floating Conveyors

6 people walking on a pier over to a floating conveyor belt.
A floating conveyor belt that transports waste from land to vessels in roadless areas. The solution can be used for both transport of waste and as a safe walkway for personnel between vessel and shoreline.

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